TRIBLOC (filling — filling — capping) SIMONAZZI mod. EUROPA 50K


Release year: 1991


1.1 the Machine is suitable for rinsing, filling level of soft drinks and mineral water in bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET bottles) with a capacity of 1500 cm3 and sealing them with plastic caps.

1.2 Machine performs the following technological operations:

– rinsing bottles;
– download empty bottles to the filling rotor;
– filling the bottles with carbon dioxide;
– filling of product;
– extract product in the bottle;
– the pressure release from the bottle;
– the transfer of bottles to the capping rotor;
– selection, orientation of caps and feeding them into the tray;
– closing of bottles;
– the issuance of the bottles on the conveyor.

1.3 the Machine is mounted a hemispherical legs with height adjustment on shock-absorbing supports. This installation method allows you to compensate for uneven floors, to facilitate cleaning of the machine and eliminates vibration.

1.4 Machine must be operated in closed rooms at ambient temperature from 288 to 308 K (15 °to 35 ° C) and relative humidity not more than 85 % at 298 K (25 °C).

2.1. Technical productivity, bottles/h, not less

– for bottles with capacity from 300 to 1000 cm3 9000 booth.h
– for bottles with a capacity of 1500 cm3 8000 booth.h
– for bottles with a capacity of 2000 cm3 6000 booth.h

2.2. Installed capacity, kW, not more than 3.1;

2.3 Yield (normally filled and efficiently corked bottles), %, not less than 99.7;

2.4. Power consumption per 1 hour, MJ ((kW.h) no more than -9,4 (2,6);

2.5. The flow rate of

– Carbon dioxide, 5.0 kg/h
– Compressed air 0.2 m3/h

2.6. The height from the base of the machine until the carrier level chain transport device, mm, within 1050-1140

2.7. Overall dimensions, mm, not more

length — 6400
width — 3500
height — 3050

2.8. Occupied area, m2, not more than 26;

2.9. Weight, kg, not more 9000;

2.10. Reliability;

2.11. The average overhaul life, h, not less than 10,000;

2.12. Coefficient of technical use, not less than 0.93.

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