SELO equipment for production of sauces, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup


Representatives of the company SELO in 2009, held the commissioning of this line, then, was successfully manufactured a test batch of the product.

After commissioning and fabrication of the first test batch of the product line was not used, was preserved and kept in good condition. Technical service of the company is carried out periodic monitoring of storage equipment, to ensure its excellent condition.

General information about the line and company.

– Cooker with vacuum cooling, the intermediate tank and the electrical box;

– Homogenizer for production of mayonnaise and capacity to prepare the fat phase;

– Installation to download the dry ingredients into the cooker;

– Touch remote controler for the lines.

The line is designed for production of sauces, mayonnaise, mustard hot method single download 1 T. of the product. Line SELO used by the leading food companies of the CIS and Europe.

The concept of the company SELO gives You the following advantages:
– Installation of the aqueous phase can be operated with ready-made compounds and natural starch.

– Installation of the aqueous phase gives the possibility to pasteurize the starch premix at a temperature of 90° C. After the premix is cooled with a vacuum cooler to 62° C is sucked egg powder. After feeding egg powder is carried out by exposure and subsequent cooling (30° C) and pumped into a buffer tank.

– Since the process of preparation of the water phase and emulsion preparation are separated, at our facilities You will be able to achieve stability of the emulsion and the slight variations in the size of fat globules with a diameter of 190 mm and a homogenizer portion of 500 kg over the minimum number of circulations.

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