Mobile line M500 chassis for the production of directly squeezed juice


Mobile M500 line combines high capacity and all the advantages to installed aluminum trailer. M500 mobile pre-installed and ready to work, equipped with a Central connection point of communication and is equipped to each client individual specifications.

The line consits of:

– WALC washing installation;
– Single band press HEBR-500;
– Pasteurizing unit РА750-RWT-Gas;
– Filling installation MBF750.

Characteristics of mobile lines VORAN® M500:

– installed and ready for operation;
– the Central point of connection — water, electricity;
– Central control panel;
– reliable design;
– tested under practical conditions;
– custom design;
– effective washing during and after work;
– high mobility complex lines on the same trailer;
– availability to any customer;
– fast return on investment;
– reduction of transportation costs for delivery of raw materials;
– a minimum of physical impact on the raw material prior to processing;
– a special trailer with a line for juicing the EU has a certificate authorizing the transportation on public roads.

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