Line packing of pastelike products Zilli-Bellini

Vigosta Dozator (01)

Line consist of:

1. Monoblock for filling glass jars (250 g.) and glass jar lids «Twist-off».
Performance – 90 000 cans (250 g.);
Release year: 1991
Monoblocj consists of:
– Rotary,piston filler mod. DB 18 с18 pistons;
– Machine for closing of glass jars mod. 100.
The diameter of the cans : 30 — 150 mm;
The height of the banks: 40 — 240мм;
Cap diameter: 27 — 110 mm

2. A special heater for receiving steam and dry steam.

3. Linear labeling machine mod. «SPLENDID S» with a mobile store labels, for sticking one cabinet labels around a circular glass jar.
Productivity: 9 000 can/hour
Release year: 1991

Equipment with small operating time, in very good condition!
The line worked only for 4 months.

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