Line for filling hot juice 12000 bottle/hour



Product: Juice, tea, drinks;
Bottling temperature: +85C;
Packaging: PET bottle 0.3, 0.5, 0.9 l throat 38 mm;
Cap: Plastic screw;
Label: Polypropylene circular on the hot glue;
Capacity: 12000 bottles.h on the bottles 0.9 l;
Manufacturer: KHS, BERCHI;
Release year: 2007, good working condition.

THE LINE Consists of:

1. Blow moulding machine Blomax 8 HR SIII (includes temperee device and the chiller);
2. Air conveyor bottles;
3. Monoblock rinsing filling and capping BERCHI STILLFILL (complete with hopper and feed Elevator cover);
4. Tipper bottles of OMEGA;
5. Tunnel cooler;
6. Labeling machine KRONES Contiroll;
7. A handle applicator for multipacks HA-35.

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