Installation tribloc (rinser-filling-capping) ISOBLOCK 7500-19000 bottle/hour, Kosme, Italy


Manufactored: Kosme, Italy;
Condition: perfect;
Release year: 2009;
Productivity: 7.500-19.000 bottle/hour depending on the beverage and the container/format of the bottle.

The unit of rotary type with adjustable height equipped with a device filling and capping carousel, mixer, saturator designed to handle glass or plastic bottles. The transfer bottle by the screw.

– rinsing the bottles prepared with water.
– pouring the finished product Isobaric method by holding the bottle by the neck;
– automatic screw capping the plastic tube;
– sealing unit using a system for PICK & PLACE guarantees high quality sealing even problem jams;
– tube before capping, UV treated with bactericidal tunnel.

Easy handling, low maintenance, the line is served by 6 operators.

The kit includes an air conveyor length 60 m for transporting the blown bottles from the blow moulding machine to the filling line, as well as the storage table 500 to 100 bottles, depending on bottle size.

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