Injection molding machine DE 3132-250 C1

Термопластавтомат ДЕ 3132-250 Ц1

Used for molding products from thermosetting materials with a melting point of 350°C. by Exploiting this injection machine can achieve the production of thin-walled products with complex design; and turning on the mode of intrusion, increasing the amount of injection material to 30%, to obtain products with wall thickness more than 30mm.

The benefits of TPA DE 3132-250 C1:
– the feature of the structure of the locking mechanism allows you to securely fix the mold during the injection;
— quick opening and closing of the mold at small time of switching of the electrical and hydraulic elements ensures a shorter operating cycle;
– the cylinder is heated in four zones;
– the flow of the operating fluid is carried out by three independent threads, providing 14 different possibilities for its consumption.
– the movement of working fluid governed by four integrated hydraulic circuits with built-in valve and jointing equipment. Hydraulics is used to apply different volumes (option 63) for injection of material; safety equipment protects the instrument from failure in case of ingress into the hole of foreign things.


Injection site:
Screw diameter — 60 mm; injection Pressure of 150 MPa; working volume is 450 cubic cm; casting Speed — 185 (CC)/C; Plastication the ability to polystyrene, no less than 125 kg/h; heating Power of the plasticizing cylinder — 9.5 kW.

Node locking:
The locking force — 1600 kN; stroke Length of the plate is 400 mm; the height of the installed tool is 200-400 mm; ejector Stroke — 135 mm; Distance between columns clear horizontal 500 mm; Distance between columns in the light, vertical 400 mm.

Drive, weight:
Working pressure — 18 MPa; motor Power — 22 kW; machine Weight — 5200 kg.

length — 4500 mm width — 1250 mm; height — 1950 mm;

Possible modes of operation of injection molding machine:
adjustment, manual, semi-automatic, automatic.

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