GRAM ice cream production line


Location: Belgium
Condition: Perfect = Plug and Play.
Line is still in operation.


Complete line for the production, freezing and packaging of Cornetto ice cream.
Freezer: Gram 2.400 l.h.,
Filling machine: Big Drum – 18.000 pcs.h
Packer: Cama

Set: freezer and filling machine for Cornetto cones – unpacking cones, dosing chocolate, dosing station 1 with 6 or 12 heads, dosing station 2 with 6 or 12 heads, dosing for ice cream sauce, dosing nuts.

Closing the cone, packing in a cardboard box and wrapping in foil. Moving frame in front of the machine.

Robot 01 for transporting ice cream to the freezer conveyor belt (made by Gram, packing scheme: 6 × 6), freezing tunnel with temperature: -41 ° C (made by Gram, controls updated in 2011).

Robot 02 for transporting ice cream, stacking station (Big Drum manufacturer, year 2000, packing scheme: 8×6).

Rotating robot 03 (Big Drum manufacturer, 1994, packing scheme: 8 × 8), carton packer, (total 48 items, 8 cartons of 6 pieces, 12 cartons of 4 pieces, 6 cartons of 8 pieces or 6 cardboard boxes with 2 layers of 8 pieces, total 16 per box).

Box closing machine with Nordson device.

All connecting conveyors and pipelines are included. Lots of spare parts such as servo motors or machine plates. Control elements. Documentation, electrical diagram, flow diagram, layout and manuals for spare parts.

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