Gas filling line drinks and beer in tin cans, 9000-12000 cans / hour


Gas filling line drinks and beer in tin cans:

With a capacity of up to 9000 cans / hour with a capacity of 0.5 liters and 12,000 cans / hour with a capacity of 0.25 liters.

under the following conditions:
the temperature of the bottled beer – from 1 to 4 degrees C
carbonation maximum 5.2 g / litrs

1. Depalletizer of empty stainless steel cans with removal of cardboard liners – capacity up to 15,000 cans / hour. Manufactured in Denmark. 2017 year.

2. Linear rotary table, 2 pcs. 2017 year.

3. A set of conveyors for cans with plastic tape from the depalletizer to the monoblock (from the unloading table for the entire layer of cans, through the 3-row conveyor to the single-row conveyor for washing and from the washer to the monoblock). 2017 year.

4. Linear can washer with washing sections for standard 0.5 l cans. 2017 year.

5. Monoblock filling and capping machine from CFT Italy 24/4, consisting of a filler with 24 taps from BC and a capping machine with 4 heads for filling and capping 250 ml thin and 500 ml standard cans. 2005 year.

6. Heuft Basic filling level controller with an ejector for incorrectly poured cans (failures, overflows). 2015 year.

7. Dryer for cans SONIC AIR CONTROL USA with pump and knives, dropping drops of water from cans. 2017 year.

8. Label machine for self-adhesive labels “About” ENOS C5000 Italia – approx. Ed. Maximum 6.000 bph. 2017 year.

9. Small table for cans at the end of the line.

10. Tunnel pasteurizer ESV Spennes Deutschland, 2011
Exchange area: approx. 26 m² (10,500 mm x 2,500 mm)
Number of zones / pumps: 4/6, with plastic chain
Heat exchanger API Schmidt Bretten
Dimensions: 11 700 mm x 3250 mm x 2500 mm

11/. Conveyors of cans and bags with drives and controls with smooth regulation of the conveyor speed. 2017 year.

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