Filling line of vegetable oil 15000 bottle/hour

liniya rozliva podsolnechnogo masla

Brand new, in package. Release year: 2011


– Product filling: OIL density of 0.92 kg/l;
– Nominal capacity: 14.400 bottle/hour for round PET bottles of 0.87 L. the weight of the preforms (specify) gr. output blow moulding machine;
– The efficiency of the line: 90%;
-Capacity and shape PET bottles: 0.87 L. (basic format) +1.0+0.5+0.47 all round bottle with a flat bottom;
– The size of the bottle: 0.87+1.0+0.5+0.47 l — must be clarified and agreed;
– The temperature of the filling oil: Min 16°C max 24°C;
– Filling method: Weighing;
– The type of capping: 0.87+1.0+0.5+0.47 L. all bottles with push cap Ø29 mm;
– Label material / form: 0.87+1.0+0.5+0.47 l for all the bottles revolving plastic bobbins with hot glue;
– Type of packing /configuration: 0.87 L. 5 x 3 = 15 bottles;
1.0 l 4 x 3 = 12 bottles 0.5 + 0.47 l in 4 x 5 or 4 x 6 bottles — should be clarified and agreed upon. All bottles are Packed in cartons negotiable type;
– Palletizing: Automatic;
– Pallet size: Standard pallet 800 x 1200 mm;
– Layout line: Drawing SIPA No. FL (TBC).

THE LINE Consists of:

1. Rotary blow moulding machine SFR 8. (SIPA, Italy) included:
– a sound-absorbing cabin;
– a set of semi-molds for 8 stations stretch blow molding machine 0.87 l;
– supply system with preform tipper, hopper and feeder;
– video camera control quality of preform;
– compressor 40 bar, without oil, complete with dryer and receiver 2000 l;
– chiller for cooling molds of a blow molding machine in a closed circuit;
– a set of components for machine Assembly and accessories.

2. The pneumatic conveyor has an approximate length of 60 m, with automatic adjustment guides for the 3 interchangeable formats 1.0+0.5+0.47 l.

3. Weight automatic monoblock filling and capping mod.WFT (Weightpack Italy) includes:
– automatic sorter and Elevator push caps;
– a drip system dosing of liquid nitrogen;
– 3 sets of tooling for round bottles 1.0+0.5+0.47 l.

4. Automatic labeling machine for polypropylene labels from reel to bottles 0.87 litres:
– with automatic gluing of the film when changing spools label;
– 3 additional equipment for round bottles 1.0+0.5+0.47 l;
– 3 additional snap-in labels for round bottles 1.0+0.5+0.47 l;
– suction glue;
– the glue level control.

5. The device monitoring the presence of labels complete with a soft ejector of defective bottles to the side conveyor.

6. Inkjet ink codifier (datirovki bottles).

7. Automatic machine type Wrap-Around for the package of 3 x 5 litre bottles of 0.87 in strong cardboard boxes with centralized lubrication system and junction heating Nordson glue.
– the use of electric motors SEW;
– 3 interchangeable format for bottles 1.0+0.5+0.47 l;
– 3 interchangeable configuration of the packs of 4 x 3 x 1.0 l and 4 x 5 or 4 x 6 for bottles 0.5+0.47 l.

8. Automatic palletizer for stacking 2 types of boxes with round bottles 0.87+1.0 l per pallet 800 x 1200 mm with pallet store, protection and 1 more program stacking.

9. Automatic wrapper ready pallet stretch film with pre-stretching film.

10. Conveyor system for full bottles;

11. The system of belt conveyors for finished boxes;

12. Electrical control Cabinet low voltage;

13. Cables and ducts for cable routing between machines in the line;

14. Recommended parts for complete line for 4000 hours of work for the needs of complete lines.

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