Filling line for cold and hot juice in PET of 6000 bottles/hour

IMAGE 2021-04-02 08:37:06

Filling type: gravity.

Bottle formats: PET 500 ml and 1500 ml. Glass 200 ml and 1000 ml

Capping: screw for plastic lids. the cap is treated with peroxide before the capping, twist off for the glass bottle.

Production year: 2005

Line composition:

Ateliers Francois high pressure compressor with dryer, Kaeser low pressure compressor.

Blow molding machine Alkam for 6000 bottles per hour with a cooler.


Triblock filling. 20 grippers per rinse aid, 20 filling valves, 5 capping heads. AVE TECHNOLOGIES.

Hot glue labeling machine for cut polypropylene labels.

Tunnel cooler Patek.

Pasteurizer 8000 liters per hour Patek.

AVE TECHNOLOGIES packaging machine.

Glue for handles on the case.

Printer dater.

Automatic palletizer with interlayer removal.

Semi-automatic wrapping machine.

Cip station is automatic.

Syrup room.

Location: Croatia.

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