Bottling line for 1.5 l PET 6000 bottle/hour

Линия розлива 1.5 л ПЭТ 6000 бут:час (6)

The line is readjusted to 1.0 l, 0.5 l PET, also reconfigured for the jars/bottles.

Set, stainless steel:

– Block filling and sealing, 40 lifts, filling the cups 40, No. 27294; the filler is height adjustable bottle;
It is possible to reconfigure the glass bottle;

– Rinse spiral; L = 4.5 m, under a typical PET bottle;

– Tunnel conveyor with fan for min bottle; L = 5 m — 2 units;

– Vane (plastic belt) conveyor, L = 15 m, sectional, adjustable in height;

– Labeling machine under the circular label; purchased separately, Poland;

– Mixer (saturator) with PU; Ø 80 stainless pipe in the filler;

– Complete with branded PU, DB 380/220

– Shrink unit consists of:
a) with the opener “TERMOPAK”, Ukraine, Cherkassy
b) with packaging dermatones 23 BCF, Czech Republic.

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