Bottle Filling line beer for about 5000 bottle/hour

Bottle Filling line 5000 - 3

The line is adjust to 0,5 lt NRW-Bottles with crown cap and screw cap, 0,33 lt. “Lochmund” – clip lock bottles and 0,33 lt. Ale-bottles. Consisting of:

– Crate washer, make Flema, complete in stainless steel, with bottles pre-stream, with various stationary and rotating nozzles;

– Bottle washing machine, make Klinger, type: Serpende 10/0,5/70,
control range: 3.000 – 5.500 bph;

– Sight screen;

– Filler, make TLG, type: DN20/KK5/PP4, speed: 5.000 – 6.000 bph;

– Labeler, make Gernep, type: Labetta 3/2/6 Rü BV, for 8.000 bph by NRW-bottles and 6.000 bph by clip-lock labelling;

– Bottle conveyors, in stainless steel;

– Crate stacker, make Flema, type: Herkules, for 500 crates/h, complete in stainless steel, adjust to 20×0,5 NRW-crates, other crates adjustable too, with Sick-light barrier, SPS Siemens S5 control 24 V, built 1995, L: 2.200mm, W: 1.000mm, H: 2.500mm, weight: ca. 300 kg;

The Filling Line is in very good condition, because it was regularly maintained.

The Filling Line is until April 2016 in operation and can be inspect.

Room need for the installation of the plant is approx. 80m².

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